Affiliate Commission Agreement

An affiliate agreement is a marketing or referral program in which the Affiliate receives payments from the trading company that manages the program when users visit a website, register on a website, make a purchase on a website or perform another action (for example. B Amazon Partner Program). 2.2. As a member of Affiliate Program, you have access to the Affiliate Account Manager. Here you can check the details of our program and previously published affiliate newsletters, download the HTML code (which provides links to websites inside the site) and banner creatives, search and get tracking codes for our coupons and offers. In order for us to closely track all visits to your website, you must use the HTML code we provide for each banner, text link or affiliate link we provide to you. Your application confirms that you have read this agreement and that you agree to be subject to all its conditions. You understand that we may at any time (directly or indirectly) request OneAll relationships on terms that may differ from those contained in this Agreement. We may also ask oneAll for relationships with companies that operate or compete with websites similar to or in competition with your website. 5.1. It is your responsibility to provide Future Hosting with the tax and payment information necessary to provide you with a commission. If Future Hosting does not receive the required tax or payment information within ninety (90) days of receiving a commission, Future Hosting expects that such commission will be cancelled by the Affiliate and no payment will be issued.

Each affiliate must submit a W8/W9 IRS tax form before Future Hosting issues a commission. You are responsible for paying all taxes related to commissions you earn under this agreement. In accordance with tax laws, Future Hosting issues a Form 1099. You must provide us with the correct address and tax forms (including W8/W9 or any other tax form requested by Future Hosting). Links are used to identify your website as a member of the OneAll Partner Program and to create a link from your website or email to our website. Links can be connected to any section of our site (although commissions are only issued for qualified purchases). This agreement describes the terms of participation in the Pure Chat Partner Program. In this agreement, the term “affiliate” refers to you (the applicant). In this agreement, “Pure Chat” refers to Pure Chat, Inc., a delaware Corporation with which you have entered into this agreement.

By applying for the Pure Chat Partner Program, you confirm that you have read the agreement and that you accept the terms and conditions of sale. Members who enter into an affiliation agreement sometimes need additional documents. You may be interested in this: if the Affiliate has a one-time payment option, they receive a commission for each new registration. Affiliate agreements are very common today, as many people who choose to work online can generate significant income from affiliate relationships, depending on the reach of their websites or social networks. Many users on major social media platforms have contracted with companies to promote products or services. If the company receives clicks or purchases from the Affiliate`s custom links, the Affiliate receives a set amount, a percentage of the sale, or a set amount per click. “Program Policy Page” means the target page: on which we provide all current guidelines and guidelines for the Partner Program.. . .

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