Beef Sector Agreement

The parties to this Agreement, supported by the Department of Agriculture, are: Meat Industry Ireland (MII); the Irish Cattle and Sheep Farmers` Association (ICSA); Macra na Feirme; independent farmers` organisations in Ireland; Irish Creamery Milk Suppliers` Association (ICMSA); movement of the beef plan; the Irish Natura Hill Farmers` Association (INHFA); and the Irish Farmers` Association (IFA). RELATED STORIES Agricultural authorities are mulling proposals, while beef negotiations continue “Since then, factories have introduced heavy penalties, maintained legal threats and now the price of Irish beef is lagging behind other countries. Relations between factories and farmers have effectively deteriorated since September 15 and the minister sided with the factories by accepting their petty statement about maintaining legal threats,” he said. “I have outlined seven key measures that are essential for the future of the Irish beef industry and the ultimate success of the Task Force. We must work together, gradually and collaboratively to achieve this and secure the future and livelihoods of the more than 75,000 farmers and families who depend on the success of this task force. Failure is not an option. Coughlan said the lack of progress would lead to further riots in the beef sector, persistent protests and growing insecurity for 75,000 beef producers in Ireland. Farmers and representatives of the beef industry are expected to meet today to discuss ongoing meat price issues. Healy said farm-level beef prices cannot remain at the current level of losses and must be increased. The beef task force was established by Agriculture, Food and Marine Minister Michael Creed TD on the basis of the agreement of 15 September 2019. The paper describes on-line exports as a “critical outlet” to improve competition in the sector. The Task Force was established on the basis of an agreement concluded on 15 September 2019 and is tasked with monitoring the implementation of the measures provided for in the Agreement. The Beef Task Force is currently applying for PGI status for grass-fed Irish beef. Under this title, the agreement states that the meat industry has confirmed that the base price at the level of each plant applies to “all oxen and heifers, regardless of age or breed.” He said Irish beef producers have so far lost €60 million and will lose an additional €20 million by the end of the year “if the task force does not hold beef factories to account”.

Bord Bia will “further intensify” activities to promote Irish beef in important EU markets and China. “The task force is now faced with the challenge of ensuring a fair profit margin for cattle farming families. The future of beef farming in Ireland is strongly affected by the disproportionate percentage of profits received by beef processors and retailers. Producers will immediately benefit from the rise in cattle prices at the factory gate and a task force on the beef market will be set up to develop a path for the future of the sector. The IFA is today handing out letters of protest to Meat Industry Ireland and Agriculture Minister Michael Creed over the failure of meat factories to raise beef prices and violations of the beef sector agreement., Ahead of the meeting, Coughlan said: “The work of the Beef Market Task Force was long overdue.

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