Business Associate Agreement Adobe

see page 8 of this Adobe document I contacted Adobe Support and they told me that Adobe had signed a BAA with Adobe Sign, so Adobe HIPAA is a complaint. I tried to explain that I needed a BAA signed between my medical group and Adobe Sign/Adobe, and they told me, “There`s no need to do something that`s already BAA certified.” I explained to them that this answer didn`t really solve my problem, and they said, “Adobe has already signed an agreement with BAA.” SMH We`re in the process of implementing PHI-like documents on Adobe`s cloud service, and I need to figure out how to do it. I wish I could so badly if I could use Adobe Cloud, Sign, Acrobat as an individual entrepreneur for $3-5 MO. There`s a reason Adobe doesn`t want the response made public. Adobe`s individual and team plans offer the same protection and security as their business plans. They`re all HIPAA compliant, according to Adobe`s Account Executives. Adobe does not, however, provide a BAA to provide unless you are paying for a business plan. Adobe therefore considers the BAA as an annual ransom of 360 $US. As a small entrepreneur who uses Adobe CC almost every day of the week for digital and print solutions, I find this to be a disgusting tactic of a company I admire and enjoy working with while building my business. The counterparty agreement is necessary by HIPAA to allow a third party (3rd) party (“counterparty”) to access a medical practice`s protected health information (PHI) (“Covered Entity”). It describes the rules under which personal health records may be shared in accordance with federal law.

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