Ip Agreement Writer

In the event of renewal of a contractual offer for employment and acceptance of employment by the author, Writer undertakes to provide the Writer Services in accordance with the following agreements (1) the Terms of Use; (2) the market conditions as allocated and accepted on the Site; and (3) this Writer Services Agreement. My name is Steffan Alexander Lazerov, and I am an experienced lawyer with a passion for helping people create, grow and protect their business. I have filed and registered more than 100 USPTO trademark applications, as well as claims, office complaints, cancellation proceedings, and infringement actions. I also file copyrights, have handled copyright infringement complaints, and help clients with DMCA compliance. I prepare a wide range of contracts/business agreements, including partnership contracts, purchase and sale contracts, employment/self-employed contracts, cancellation agreements, operating contracts. (a) the authors and scripts agree and acknowledge that they will use a final and binding arbitration procedure to resolve all disputes that may arise from this Agreement, the Services and the Author`s relationship with Scripted, including the retroactive request to use arbitration for all disputes that may arise from the Date; to which the author began to provide services for Scripted. Scripted and Writer agree that all claims, disputes and/or controversies that an author against Scripted (or its owners, directors, officers, managers, employees, representatives and parties related to its performance and health plans) or scripted may have against Writer resulting from the author`s contractual relationship with Scripted, or have a relationship or connection with scripted. including the qualification of the author as an independent contractor is submitted and decided exclusively by compulsory arbitration. This Arbitration Agreement is governed by the Federal Arbitration Act and Writer acknowledges that this Agreement demonstrates a transaction in commerce.

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