Manitoba Participant Agreement

26.2 This Agreement, including Annexes 1 to 9 and the Annual Annexes, includes the entire Agreement concluded by the Parties concerning the subject matter of this Agreement. Note: With the agreement of the parties, the agreement was only signed in English. The French version is only made available for the sake of simplicity. In case of contradiction with the English version, the English version takes precedence. 19.6 Manitoba agrees that cheques or deposit notes for insured members who receive assistance under their provincial benefits, either directly from Manitoba or through an organization funded by Manitoba, will contain the logo of the Government of Canada. With respect to Manitoba`s desire to expand its role in the design and delivery of labour market development programs and services in Manitoba, Canada (by the Canada Employment Commission) and with the agreement of the Canadian Minister of Personnel Development, it is authorized, pursuant to section 63 of the Employment Act, to enter into an agreement with Manitoba on the payment of contributions for: Canada and Manitoba had previously entered into labour market transfer agreements entitled “Canada-Manitoba Labour Market Agreement for Persons with Disabilities”, “Canada-Manitoba-Job Fund Agreement” and “Canada-Manitoba Agreement on Targeted Initiatives for Older Workers”. These documents are available on request in other formats. Please contact Angela Anderson at or (204) 474-7843. Based on current work experience and internship programs managed by Employment Programs Branch, Manitoba Education and Training, Manitoba will develop employment partnerships with employers and community groups that will facilitate the employment of insured participants and/or provide short-term work experience to help them develop the skills required by local employers. MYTEAM participants are between 16 and 21 years old and are in charge of services for children and families as a permanent station, temporary arrangement or as part of a voluntary placement contract (or are recently abandoned). To be eligible, participants must also: at least 65% of insured participants who have access to Manitoba`s provincial benefits and provincial measures are active EI beneficiaries..

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