Sample Teaching Contract Agreement

Below is an example of an employment contract for a company that offers a lot of teachers in China. Most contracts differ depending on the company or school involved in the search for teachers and the country in which the company or school is located. This contract is simply available as a guideline to give you some ideas about what companies and schools expect from the teachers they employ. After transscripting the standard contract, you can consider the employer`s requirements and how their requirements are met with yours. CONSIDERING that the school wishes to use the services of the teacher to be part of its faculty and to teach in that school; A teacher`s contract is a legal document that binds the teacher and the school for the employment of that teacher. This document defines the rights, benefits, obligations and other conditions of the parties in a clear and legible printing document. A contract is necessary for common employment in each field, as it protects the rights of both parties. Each school has its own standards. Therefore, a teacher contract helps to clarify the description of the teaching position so that he or she knows what awaits him or her and how he or she can accomplish his or her duties. It also helps protect a school`s necessary rights to set employment standards with its staff. Overall, a teacher`s contract is an essential document that every school should have when it comes to hiring its teachers.

1. (Employer) _____________________________Employee__________________ Employer______________________________ This Agreement shall be effective upon signature by both parties and receipt by the Employer.3. Unless otherwise terminated or modified, the term of the contract begins on / / and expires on / /. If one of the parties does not wish to renew this contract, it shall terminate, in the context of a natural procedure, the aforementioned termination date.4. If both parties are satisfied at the end of this contract, an extension of the contract may be proposed for a fixed period. In case of renewal, the employer will inform the employee in writing ___ days before the date of termination. If an extension agreement is concluded, it shall form an integral part of this contract and extend the duration of the contract by the period referred to in this agreement.5. Initially, the worker accepts weeks of trial teaching.

If the school and students are satisfied with the employee`s teaching, the contract takes full effect. If the probationary period is not satisfactory, the employee has the opportunity to adapt the teaching to expectations. If the benefit remains unsatisfactory at the end of the trial period, this contract may be terminated at the employer`s choice. 6. Documentation, (employer) must arrange all documents relating to the worker`s legal work in _____________ Disputes arising out of performance or relating to this Treaty shall be settled by mutual agreement. If a transaction is not mutually agreed, the matter will be settled by ______ _ __ __. .

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