Service Level Agreement Facility Management

We have also provided below a list of typically larger repair and exchange services (also known as “projects”) that will facilitate the management of the facilities, but only if they are funded by the applicant and after approval by the Capital Work Group, the Dean of the College or the Propstes. Performance measurement using SLAs, ratios and ICPs must be defined. Based on ratios and indicators for each live service, each activity in a service line, a set of PCCs should be defined, the number and level of aggregation should be defined on the basis of management levels (metrics or PPPs less aggregated for the level of operation; small number of aggregated ICPs for strategic levels). In addition, it is useful to refute the concept that is repeated strongly (or has normally been repeated), namely “doing fm” as outsourcing all services to a single contractor. No, it`s just outsourcing, not FM, and it`s been done for a while. We could have an FM contract with a service provider for a single service, and that`s why we would do fm. It`s obvious that in order to do FM, we need to change something in the way we do things. If this is not the case, we will not change the results we receive. Track performance in real time using contractual service level agreements to increase service level and increase cost control Why? : To ensure that all parties (customer, supplier, end-users) have the same understanding and measure of the services provided.

It is obvious and well known that in order to do FM, we must first change the way we define the needs of the client company, as this will change the way we offer and, therefore, the way services are offered and measured. SLAs: Service Level Agreement, clear and detailed description of the service, is also mandatory in the management of facilities, for soft or hard services. To meet fair and reasonable expectations, we offer the following service level agreement, based on our people, areas of expertise and resources. Facility Management will respond to requests based on the following priority level given to each work order request: In order to be transparent and clarify expectations with our customers, we have provided below a list of basic types of repairs and services that facility management performs free of charge for the requesting service through the standard work order requirement process. We have provided a framework with which we prioritize these work order requirements, as well as a basic service level agreement for these services….

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