Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement 2013

20 PART 2 GENERAL OPERATING CONDITIONS 12. Letter of appointment 12.1 Letter of appointment (a) Upon hiring, each staff member (except one casual collaborator) receives a letter of appointment. the letter of employment must contain: (i) the category and classification of the employment; (ii) the amount of the remuneration and the rate of the entry bonus; (iii) pension rights; and (iv) entitlements to permanent leave. (e) where the worker is an occasional exculpatory worker, the letter shall also indicate: (i) the temporary nature of the employment; (ii) the expected duration of the appointment; and (iii) the duration of the appointment may be changed at any time, subject to the worker`s return to work. (iv) For an education officer with a special responsibility: the amount of the allowance. (c) in the case of part-time employment, the letter shall also indicate: (i) the FTE; (ii) the days on which the work is to be carried out; (iii) working hours for non-teaching staff or, in the case of teachers, the number of hours of classes scheduled. PAGE 12 VICTORIAN CATHOLIC EDUCATION MULTI ENTERPRISE AGREEMENT 2013 3 ACN Victorian Catholic Education Multi Enterprise Agreement 2013 This document is distributed to Catholic schools and Catholic education offices in Victoria. All questions relating to their content should be forwarded to the Industrial Relations Unit of the CECV For more information, see < 22 PART 2 GENERAL CONDITIONS of Service (b) After a final decision on the outcome of the IAP, the employer must inform the worker in writing: (i) whether the employer`s concerns have been satisfactorily addressed and whether the IAP has been completed; or (ii) insufficient progress has been made in completing the IAP and the employer intends to extend the IAP period; or (iii) the employer proposes to implement any of the measures prescribed in subsection (c) Any progressive progression that occurs during a period during which a worker is subject to a PIP is retained at the discretion of the employer until the worker is informed that the PIP has been concluded in accordance with clause 13.4. (b) (i), 13.5 (b) or 13.5 (c).

Such an amount withheld shall be reimbursed at the end of the IAP, unless the IAP ceases to work under clause 13.5(d) Results (a) Before making a decision to undertake any of the steps in this Subsection, the employer shall inform the worker of the reason and proposed approach and allow the worker: . . . .

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